Figuring out where I’m going to go with my blog

I currently have multiple topics I feel compelled to blog about: environmental mold; being displaced; medical care; breast implants; photography. Kind of all over the map so I’ve not begun blogging, though I established my account weeks ago. All of the issues (excepting photography, which is a saving grace) have taken me to my breaking point over and over in the past 3 1/2 years, but I hope they will soon be resolved and I can begin living my life again vs surviving. I long for some form of continuity and routine (though I’m not disciplined enough for strict/rigid routing – ballpark, with flexible borders would be great). I long for the long-absent ‘F’ word … FUN. And the ‘J’ word … JOY. I hope through blogging I will find my way and ultimately help others who might find themselves dealing with any of these unfortunate circumstances. Also, connect with others who have had similar experiences.

I guess instead of staying blocked over choosing one issue, I might just write free-flow and let whichever issue is needing expression in the moment, creating a mosaic.